Taking Videos Viral, Who’s Getting Stars?

by Bill Nolan

Now that video is part of most businesses’ marketing arsenals, and we discussed in our last blog ways and apps to help you develop these videos yourself… it’s time to get updated on what social platforms are working to help you with best placements and tricks to promote these vids. After all, if it’s not viewed then what’s the purpose, right? Luckily I’ve started some homework for you. Let’s take a look at how you can utilize some of the leading social networks to take your video content and promotions viral.

Social Networks for Video Promotion

Social Networks for Video Promotion

Google+ ⭐⭐⭐
For a network that so many believe to be dead, Google+ sure has a lot going on, and almost everyone has an account. They just don’t realize it. G+ has allowed users to share video content for a very long time. There are no limits here. It is the brother of YouTube. You can upload video directly into your posts, and you can have your YouTube videos set automatically to post on your business page for ease. In addition you can create and assign different Collections to promote specific topics your business videos fall into. Previously posted videos are easily found through these Collections. And that’s not all! G+ also offers hangouts which can essentially be run as Vodcasts. Oh my! We’re not even going to mention how this one helps with your SEO.

Twitter ⭐⭐
On Twitter you may also upload video directly into posts, but they do have some famous Tweet limits to be aware of. Video uploads are limited to about 20 seconds and they must meet Twitter’s supported format requirements. For ease, use your smart phone and Twitter app to produce and upload those vids. There is even some basic editing tools included. Keep in mind video tweets are relatively new and should continue to improve over time. Like G+ and unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t filter your posted business videos. Twitter does not have Collections like G+, but you can check out a business’s media timeline to look for the previously posted. And don’t forget those promoted video Tweets are always an option.

Sure, you can embed or share video directly into your LinkedIn posts with a little help from friends like Youtube, but uploading your video directly may be a bit cumbersome. LinkedIn does provide video options for your personal profile, but again you are limited. Keep in mind LinkedIn is B2B. It might not be the most user friendly video platform, but it is a great way to showcase your business with embedded videos rather than static images if your audience is there. Don’t forget, you really need an active personal account on LinkedIn to help drive people to see your video posts and the ones posted on your business page. If you are feeling a bit lazy, then get ready to make an invest for those returns.

Facebook ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Easy as 1-2-3. Touted as the biggest social network, Facebook is definitely holding its own when it comes to creative video options, and old Zuck continues to forge ahead with new features like Profile Videos, 360 Videos and Live Video Streaming. Facebook’s Profile Videos are a great alternative to those static images for telling your story. The allowable 10 second vids could pack a lot more punch! In addition to that pow, Facebook lets you experiment with 360 Videos to showcase spaces, events and you name it. Want another wow… Live Video Streaming is the next big move for Facebook. As the name suggests, this gives your business the ability to live stream to your audience providing a great option for promotions, direct Q&A and so much more. Users will have the ability to subscribe which gives them an alert anytime your Video Stream goes live. Facebook really is one to watch for social video. And BTW, that’s not all! Have you noticed those funky little animated logo—business vids Facebook creates for you? Watch for them. They’re just another way Facebook allows your business to up your marketing ante. With the ability to create video galleries and promoting video posts for an extremely reasonable price, you can’t argue with Facebook as an option. The only thing you need to worry about is Zuckerberg’s constant need to tweak the algorithms limiting organic reach for business page posts. Get out your wallet!

Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat ⭐⭐⭐
What a bundle! These three should definitely be considered for the visuals alone and a unique option for audience reach. Their video options are as easy as turning on that smartphone of yours and pressing record. Instagram and Snapchat even give filters for you to play with. They are simple, easy and fun. Just make sure your audience is at home on these platforms before investing.

Vimeo and YouTube ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This duo is all about video. The day you begin adding video to your business marketing plan is the day you need to create a YouTube channel. Vimeo is a fun option too, but the unlimited experience and audience reach of YouTube cannot be ignored… if you have to choose. Either one is a great place to house those videos for sharing to the other networks and embedding on your website. Enough said.

Along with the basic tools for developing great video content from our last blog and this outline on what the different social networks can do to help promote your business videos… it’s time to get to work! We’ll leave the creativity up to you. Unless of course, you’d like to invite us into the mix for more insights and ideas. Need more consulting, give us a shout.

Next up…. What’s the purpose of these business videos anyway?