Lights, Camera, Action : Part I

by Bill Nolan

Everyone knows that video is the hottest trend in reaching potential clients, and it will likely remain that way for many moons to come. 2016 has been touted as the “Year of Video,” but then again so has the past couple years. We just thought about helping this one along. Is your business taking advantage of this opportunity yet? If you are, we commend you, but is your video up to par with what your competition is doing? Getting the videos out there is great, and making them look somewhat professional is even better. Smartphones and the multitude of apps available are great resources right at your finger tips. And there are many video editing apps coming out. If your not sharing something that could pass for a Hollywood movie trailer then it’s time to kick your game up a notch.

No, don’t run out and buy expensive video equipment just yet. Keep in mind that many apps can turn your photos into a movie. In a lot of cases you don’t even need to start with a video. Smartphones can act as your video camera too. And since everyone and their brother has one, you essentially already have all of the equipment you need. Now you just need the editing tools to make those videos show stoppers!

Year of Videos

Video Apps to Help Your Business.

Here’s a few apps we are recommending to get you started. There are many levels and capabilities of apps out there. Start by sampling and experimenting to find out if you are the next Martin Scorsese.

QUIK (formerly known as Replay)

Available for iOS and Android – This video creation app by Go Pro is designed to turn your photos (up to 200) into an awesome video. You select the photos, add a video style, make a few tweaks and you can have a cool video to promote your business in under 10 minutes. Editing features include allowing you to add captions within the video, and of course music. QUIK is simple enough for anyone to use and definitely worth a look.


Available for iOS and Android – Similar in the beginning to QUIK with uploaded photos becoming a video, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. The Magisto Artificial Intelligence engine takes over and basically creates the movie for you. All you have to do is select the editing style which will reflect how the movie plays out, and then pick out some music that you want included. The advanced AI system will sync the music to your video to ensure an even flow. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Magisto also offers advanced Business options including longer videos, business specific styles, commercially licensed music and the ability to add your logo and captions.


Available for iOS – Specific to iPhones and videos only, this is arguably one of the best video editing apps. It can do just about everything the desktop version can do. If there’s any limit that becomes an issue, your project can be transferred to your Mac for additional editing. iMovie is also relatively easy to use. You choose your clips, add effects and a soundtrack and you’re in business. To make creating videos even more simplified, most of iMovie’s tools are easy as dragging and dropping. Surely you can do that? This app also comes with plenty of professional themes, video filters, built-in music and sound effects, and you can add songs from your music library or your own narration! POW!


Available for iOS and Android – One feature that makes this video editor and photo movie slideshow maker stand out from the crowd is it’s in-app camera that allows for multiple shooting styles. There are two modes of editing which let you quickly put together a video, or take your time and make it as professional looking as possible. Multiple other features include filters, effects and adding a music track. You’ll most likely find that this app is only limited by your creativity. Have fun with its unique video camera lenses and video collage maker!

This is just the beginning. The video editing apps we’ve chosen to highlight are well suited for people of all experience levels. Remember, you may not make a blockbuster with your first crack at it. You may want to play around and hone your skills before releasing your video to the masses. And, these editing tools can only do so much. You will need to contribute some creative content if you want your videos to be award winning. Now get out there and have some fun. Truly make 2016 The Year of Video!

Next Up : Social Media Platforms Providing Video Creation Capabilities.