Business Professional or Social Butterfly?

Still using Facebook or another social media platform as your business website and main online presence? Unfortunately and surprisingly many businesses still do, and they are missing out on the bigger marketing picture, as well as reaching their full audience, and maximizing on all of the potential that a website offers. Many businesses use social media as their “website” and do not realize the difference or the shortcomings of using only these platforms for marketing.

You may be wondering why Facebook, Etsy, Instagram or another platform isn’t good enough, and you ask, “Do I really need a website?” Let’s explore this a little:

Who Owns What

First of all, you own your website, and you are in complete control of it. Why would you want to give someone else the complete authority to control your content, restrict when it is seen and limits the percentage of who sees your content based on their preferred “algorithms” that change monthly? Even if that’s not a major concern for you, the point is, you are basically relinquishing control to a stranger on social media platforms. And their idea of “proper” content may not jive with yours. The various social media platforms have the ability and the right to pull the plug as they see legally fit.

Creative License

Creativity and proper branding is a huge issue on social media. Having your own business website allows you to express your products and services to their full potential. Social platforms look the way they look… just like the million other businesses who have pages on these platforms. Sure, on social media you can tweak your header and switch out your avatar a time or two, but a website can be all yours and your creativity wins! Websites can be a work of interactive art, when done right. Why limit your brand and your business’s online presence?

Website vs Social Pages

Where Did They Go

How many social media platforms have come and gone over the years? Are you a gambler? As a business, who wants to go all in on a social network that may be gone tomorrow, next week or next year? Even the top social platforms today are mere babies in the grand scheme of things, and you never know how they will grow? Remember MySpace? Yeah, maybe it’s still around but I wouldn’t bank the future of my company on that one or any other platform for that matter – regardless of their current popularity.

How You Rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… this one is huge. Yes, content posted on your business’s social accounts impacts your rank when showing up in searches. But, it’s nothing in comparison to the SEO power generated when this is coupled with your website. Search Engines scan websites daily looking for relevant and specific content that users, aka – your potential customers, are looking for. So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that with a website dedicated only to what your business offers? A website can be customized to really hone in on your audience – beyond what social media can do. And, once a potential customer finds your business through a search, wouldn’t you want them to visit a site that is all about promoting your products and services? Social media pages provide some this, and they also have a ton of AI driven advertising and plenty of links to take your audience elsewhere, at any given moment, to a competitors page. That is just not good.

Where is Your Audience

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I missing potential clients that are not on social media?” And how are you planning to reach them? You may think it’s ridiculous, but regardless of what you’ve heard, everyone is not on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Chances are they do utilize a computer or mobile device to search for goods and services. Sure, your business’s social pages may pop up with your specific name search, but these social page are highly unlikely to hold up to the rank of your competitors’ websites in general product and services searches. And, no, a holder page at your domain that links to your social media pages does not make a professional website.

Websites offer endless opportunities to propel your business to success. We have only just begun to scratch the surface here. Whether you are making a sale, increasing email signups, promoting specific products or just educating visitors about your brand and great services, social platforms pale in comparison to the features of a full dedicated website. Just think about analytics you can collect. Sure, social networks give you a brief overview, but have you checked out the Google Analytics connected to a website lately?

You will not get a second chance to make a first impression. Are you a professional, or going for that shady, fly-by-night, B-team approach?

Now, don’t go ditching your business’s social media pages. They are in fact crucial to your business’s marketing plan. A strong digital marketing strategy consists of using multiple outlets, including social media, to complement your website and goals. All of these tools working together will help you create the most exposure for your business. Keep in mind, getting visitors to your website, plus to contact you, are the ultimate goals. Utilizing social media, like a spice, is an excellent way to entice them to try.