Mashed Up Snapchat Hacked Again

by Bill Nolan

“It just comes to you. This stuff just flies through the air. They send this information out, I mean it’s just beamed out all over the fuckin place. You just gotta know how to grab it. See I know how to grab it.” This quote by Kelso (Tom Noonan), from the 1995 movie Heat, comes to mind considering how much personal data has been compromised lately. Many people still don’t realize that once information is sent, regardless of the safeguards that are in place, it is susceptible to being grabbed by the wrong hands. Although this has occurred across many sites, apps, and devices, I want to focus on the recent Snapchat breach for providing the fire in this case, and Mashable for pouring gasoline on it.


Why Snapchat? We are always looking out for new Social Media business opportunities. And despite some of the interesting advertising publicity it’s received, the level of naivety shown by many of their users and their promotions amazes me. So they tell you that the pictures you send immediately disappear, that taking screenshots is nearly impossible, and blah blah blah. Their users believe it because they want to continue sending those inappropriate messages and selfies to others without those images coming back to haunt them, right? Unfortunately, they didn’t think about or didn’t want to know that a database might be storing some of those images. It seems that many people still think when they send pictures to someone it just magically appears on their phone, and Snapchat magically makes it go away. Well, I’m not going to give you a technical class today, but trust me it’s not quite that simple. Otherwise, your pictures would be safe and I wouldn’t be in the process of reposting them online. Don’t worry, I’ll tag you and make sure you get the fame that you deserve… Don’t worry, I’m joking, but that doesn’t mean someone else out there won’t do it. It really gives you something to think about the next time you feel like posting or sending any pictures, doesn’t it? No data is 100% safe and no system is unbreachable. Remember, it’s all out there, you just have to know how to grab it… Not sure we will tie any business to this one just yet. Still in its early infancy stage.

Now let’s talk about that wet mutt Mashable. How do they fit into all of this? I keep asking myself this very question since I noticed they really tout networks like Snapchat to help build them up with the intention (it appears to me) of having some great headlines when those networks come crashing down. It’s all good news for them. “The Snappening” was known worldwide, following Snapchats breach, thanks in large part to Mashable. One week Mashable is selling Snapchat as the next greatest thing, and then the next they are first on the beat to help share Snapchat’s falling down. It’s really sad. Mashable has always been a great source for quality news, but lately it feels more like the National Enquirer. The name Trashable comes to mind. It’s rare to see them posting news that is unbiased and not racy. They are like a friend who pats you on the back with a knife in their hand. Well, Mashable probably isn’t going anywhere. So, I’ll check-in with them when I want to catch up on some gossip. As far as getting legitimate business news? I’m starting to look elsewhere.

I don’t really see an end in sight here. Foolish people will always do foolish things regardless of how often accounts get hacked and private photos get leaked. And lucky for you, sites like Mashable will be right there making sure everyone in the world is privy on where to find that selfie you sent someone years ago during a moment of recklessness…

And I will keep looking out for for you business.

*All opinions are that of the writer’s, and Sourballpython just loves posting them.