A New Dawn.

by Bill Nolan

Derived from “broadcast,” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, digital, audio podcasts have become a popular exchange for traditional radio shows or possibly a different form of their resurrection. Either way, podcasts came into popularity over 10+ years ago and slowly lost audience interest over time. We’ll leave the rest of this history for another blog… podcasts are now experiencing a rejuvenation of interest. Just like any shiny new toy, podcasts have gone through their cycle of the up and down. Since 2008 podcast listeners are on the rise again and have nearly doubled. As smartphones become the preferred listening device this form of broadcasting is finding new interest. Now it’s time to ask yourself if you should consider this media tool for your business?


The better question may be, why not? In this day and age content needs to be interesting, informative and unique. Let’s face it, people lose interest quickly in a world of gluttonous, real-time, fly by the seat of your pants information. Maybe its time to consider podcasts being used to a serious advantage? Podcasts can be an relatively inexpensive and a some what easy way to reach potential clients on the go. Relax… you don’t have to be super savvy with recording or a master emcee to make it work. Just put a little thought into your presentation, and you are good to go.

Ok, I realize it’s never quite that easy, but podcasts really are worth putting some effort into. And since I’m such a nice guy, here are some starter points to get you blasting:

First of all, you don’t have to be a production assistant from a major media company to learn how to create a podcast, but understanding some of the basic tools of the trade will not hurt. The obvious… you need a microphone, computer, audio editing software, encoding software, a hosting service, and a web publishing service. If you have a Mac handy, then you have most of this all in one package. Next!

What is your podcast about?

Most podcasts for businesses spotlight the niche in which their company is involved. Go ahead and push your wears. Just be careful how you do it. Like blogging, social media and most marketing tools, it can’t be all about you. BE INFORMATIVE. Make notes for discussion, make them useful and practice like you used to for the school play. One of the benefits is to share what you know, not look like a blabbering idiot, right? Yes. NEXT!

Hit that record button and become a star.

My advice, begin with a quick introduction about who you are and what you plan to provide through this podcast and future podcasts. Pick topics that you’re well versed in, tell a story and promote discussions for listeners. Plan for about 10 minutes minimum. It’s okay to mention your credentials and accomplishments. This confirms you are the go to person on this topic. Note… let’s not run it into the ground here. And be sure to entertain the crowd a little. Not be like your high school history teacher. The idea is to standout and not be shutout. As you continue to do podcasts, your delivery will become more fluid. This will enable you to hit more topics and add spice to your overall presentation. THIS NEXT ONE IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT…

Thank the audience and follow it up!

Do not forget to thank your audience at the end. It would also be a very good idea to briefly mention what your next episode will be about. This also is a great time to ask for feedback, and ask what listeners would like to hear more about in the future.

Time to upload, share and sit back and enjoy the accolades!

You’ve just completed your first podcast! It’s time to review, edit and possibly add some music to jazz it up. Consider picking a tune that you plan to use each time so it becomes familiar to the audience. YOU DID GOOD.

Now you ask yourself why not do that podcast right now? Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, podcasts can give you and your business the opportunity to increase reach and engagement with loyal followers and possibly new clients. BE DIFFERENT. STAND OUT. Just remember that practice makes perfect and if you put forth a solid effort to utilize podcasts for your business then the rewards are sure to follow…

PLEASE ALSO NOTE : Vodcasts are a slight upgrade to the podcasts. You do the math.