Is it Myth, a Legend or is it Real?

by Bill Nolan

There is a myth circulating about that all a Social Media Manager does is make a couple posts a week about the business, maybe update header images occasionally, post a few cute dog or baby pictures and that’s about it. With this in mind most assume it’s child’s play, and all they need to do is start a Facebook business page themselves. They can make a post and more business will begin to pour in. Or, since it is so easy they will create business pages on multiple networks and make it onto Forbes top companies list in no time at all. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it is time to inject some reality into this fantasy. Many business owners have quickly realized they are in over their heads and that they don’t have the time to keep the accounts active. They need to focus on running their business. The result? Nothing positive, and that’s guaranteed. Their business pages just float around in limbo, maybe there’s a post once or twice a month and pretty soon they decide that social media marketing is just a waste of time. They give it up. Unfortunately, they’ve just missed out on the opportunity to really connect with a bevy of potential clients like their competition is.

social media manager

So, before you bite off more than you can chew, it may be wise to consider letting a professional handle your social media for you. I know you are asking what a Social Media Manager really does all day. Let me give you some insight.

They are finding your audience, planning and scheduling your campaign, understanding and translating your business mission, going after and interacting with current and potential clients, monitoring and updating the social plan based on reports, and so much more…

Content Creation Masters

The fact is, nobody wants to hear about what you’re selling 24/7 regardless of how great it is. This means you need to mix it up and avoid becoming redundant. It is not all about you. Do you think you have the time for this? On average, you should post to each social platform every day and multiple times depending on the platform. Social Media Managers are hired to get creative and conjure up fun, educational and interactive posts to share with your followers. They create a social atmosphere that is not all about you and at the same time makes followers want to know more about you. A good Social Media Manager develops content that shows your business is up-to-date and knowledgeable about the trending aspects associated with the business. If you are not up on the latest information to post, then some other business is beating you to the punch. If that’s not bad enough, now you are posting yesterdays news. Remember, providing fresh information to your followers frequently isn’t an easy task. If you can’t invest the time, then you need to bring in a Social Media Manager that can. Otherwise, you’re just telling a story that everyone already knows and all that they will hear from you is blah…blah…blah…blah…blah…

They Know It All

As I mentioned above, staying relevant with your business content is extremely important. Ask yourself, how much time do you spend staying on top of the latest news related to your business? And now ask yourself how much time do you have left to stay on top of what is trending in social media? If you are a do-it-yourselfer then you must do both. A Social Media Manager lives on tech and social media news sites. They know the latest trends, what will be the next big thing, the hottest news and updates from each platform and they know what’s right for different businesses. They know where to news related to your business, they know where to find your audience, and they know how to work the social systems to get through to your current and potential customer base for the best returns. Consider how quickly technology and information is moving these days. A good Social Media Manager must keep up. Do you have the time for this?


Ok, if you’re handling it yourself then those posts will likely be seen by your Facebook friends, sure, but what about the rest of the world? Have you developed a plan for how to reach a new audience to help expand and increase your business exposure? Are you spending ample amounts of time interacting on various networks to reach people? Are you participating and starting interesting discussions in groups on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook to let the world know that you are an authority on your business? Do you study the analytics and insights from each of your social media platforms and tweak your posts accordingly, or are you still just posting whatever and whenever you get the time? Social Media Managers scrutinize all of this information on a daily basis in order to squeeze the most engagement out of every post, every time. Do you?

Personal Bodyguard

Bad News! Those business pages you started but don’t have the time to maintain attract trolls like sugar attracts ants. Yep, they are everywhere and there’s nothing more enticing for them than a neglected account. They can have a field day at your expense and they make your company look foolish and incompetent. Even if you happen to catch on to their shenanigans quickly, how well schooled are you at damage control? Will you able to keep your composure when confronted by these bullies and handle it accordingly, or will you just escalate things? Social Media Managers have the experience and expertise to quickly set things straight in a professional manner. They can even make a friend and loyal follower out of someone that may have been your worst nightmare.

As you can see there are many wonderful things a Social Media Manager can do for you and your business, and this is only a brief glimpse into what they offer. Also, keep in mind that managing the social media platforms is only half of the equation that will help your company reach its full potential. What’s the other half you ask? Well, how well does your business website look, perform and interact with your social accounts? This is where a great Web Designer and Developer meets with your Social Media Manager. Bring in the right team and your online presence will have no limits. But we will get into that next time…..

Remember, you can have the best product in the world, but if you do not market yourself right, no one will ever know about it.