Sometimes You Gotta Spend To Make…

by Bill Nolan

This isn’t new news, but there’s no way around it these days, to get the most bang for your business online and on your social media accounts it may be time to invest. All platforms are finding ways to get you to ante up. There’s no denying that using paid advertisements increases the exposure and engagement your business pages receive. Now, before dollar signs start flashing before your eyes and you begin to hyperventilate, this all can be done without spending your child’s college tuition. Sure, some huge companies spend 200k+ a day when they run a promoted campaign, but the average business owner can benefit from a minimal investment. Do not hesitate to consult with a social media manager and designer to create a campaign that’s worth promoting and will be sure to drive traffic to your page and website. The next best thing to the forthcoming exposure for your business is the fact that you decide what you want to spend. Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to spend a fortune to reap benefits. Just think of it this way, a little is better than nothing at all. Hell, invest $20 and you will see a difference. Spend a little more and you’ll experience a lot more! Once you’ve decided these waters are safe to tread, it’s time to understand what the networks have to offer…

Show Me Money


This platform has decided to play hardball. I guess they got tired of giving away free marketing space through their business pages. Over the past couple of years they have really tightened down on these pages. You want to know why you’re posts aren’t getting a flurry of activity? Because only about 25% of your followers are actually seeing your posts in their newsfeed organically. Facebook claims this is due to the tweaks they are making on news feeds and blah, blah, blah. Don’t be fooled, it’s all about the money and Facebook making it. Which brings us to the point of paid posts… there are various options available, but the 2 most popular are promoted posts and promoted pages. If you just want to pump up your likes then the promoted page is the way to go. If you have a special event, promotion or news that you feel is important, then you have the option to promote that specific post relating to this news. Decide how much you would like to spend, pick the areas of reach, and sit back and watch the activity. We could go into pay-per-click vs. impressions, but all you need to so is experiment a little and you will get it. It’s not brain surgery.


Similar to Facebook’s offerings, Twitter has promoted tweets and profiles. When you promote your profile your link shows up under “who to follow” in users’ feeds. This is obviously great for juicing up your follower count. If you have a tweet that is spectacular, then promoted tweets is what the doctor has ordered. This is typically the most popular paid Twitter feature since users who see the tweet become followers and re-tweet your post… increasing your exposure.


Possibly more important than paid ads, Linkedin offers different levels of membership. Obviously their free profiles are the most popular, but for a reasonable yearly fee you have the ability to amp up your profile and its exposure. Increase your membership level and get larger header photos, the ability to message and connect with anyone (limited on free accounts), and improved insights for your page. These are just a few of the perks that your investment will get you. Considering that LinkedIn is filled with professionals looking to network, having a stronger presence on this platform is a must! PLEASE NOTE LINKEDIN: It would be nice if some of these perks were added to the business pages.


Over a billion people use google search. If that’s not a good enough reason to invest in adwords, I don’t know what is. The setup is slightly different considering it’s a search engine and not a social media platform, but the ultimate goal is the same… drive people to your business’ website. Basically everyone has seen these ads at one time or another. They show up at the top or near the top of search results, making them very likely to be clicked. Another great aspect, when used in conjunction with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see which keywords and phrases are drawing users to your site. In case you didn’t know, organic keywords are not listed anymore. This means you are left in the dark about what works and what doesn’t unless you spend a little for adwords. As always, you dictate how much you will spend.


Unique. Google+ post ads are another form of paid advertising by the Google juggernaut. Don’t be confused; these ads do not show up on Google+; nor is there advertising space directly on Google+. These are your Google+ posts that get routed through Google’s Display Network. They show up on third party websites (Google finds for a fee) that are relevant to your business. Put simply, someone that is looking for what your business offers will see the post ad and visit your Google+ page. Like Adwords, Google’s massive reach guarantees your content will be seen by a huge audience. Can’t beat them apples. Did we say Apple?


This platform is just beginning to experiment with ads. Instagram’s advertising feature is only available to a handful of companies at the moment. It will be interesting to see how they react once they realize revenue is possible. Will Instagram continue to be selective as to whom they let advertise, or will greed get the better of them? My money is on the latter and considering how popular Instagram is, I am sure the majority of users are hoping for the same.


Hello… “Join the Waiting List”


Hello… Ello does not do advertising.

Now that you get the idea, what are you waiting for? A small investment can help get you started. And trust me, It’s exciting to see the activity your content generates. As always, spend wisely where your customers are and potentially could be. Keep in mind, even though using paid online promotions is fairly simple to setup, targeting a particular audience and timing your posts for optimum engagement is a little more tricky. This will take some time, research and patience if you decide to DIY. Sometimes it is best to consult with a professional before going all in; after all, it’s not monopoly money!