From overuse and abuse.

by Bill Nolan

The more the merrier, right? Unfortunately, this way of thinking has lead to an over zealous use of hashtags and has severely weakened their power as a social media tool. Have you noticed a trend? A lot of businesses on social media barely use them anymore. Maybe everyone is just becoming numb to them, or they feel like they are being over processed.

Save the Hashtag

Considering that you’re reading this blog, I assume that you may have read my previous post on hashtags – “Hashtag Heaven Returns” where proper usage has already been discussed. I am sure many of you understand and practice good hashtag etiquette, but it never hurts to get a refresher. For everyone else, it’s not that hard to grasp and learn. Use common sense, and exert some self control. Hashtags can become and can remain a very powerful tool again. Until then, no worries, I will lead the way through this time of darkness and restore the #hashtag to its rightful glory.


Hashtag 101 Tips for Your Business

Understand the best way to use them on each platform.
For instance Google+ can generate relevant hashtags for you, and hashtags have not worked on LinkedIn for a long time. Also, using them in group chats is a great way to track engagement on most platforms.

Don’t #hashtag every #other word.
It’s #annoying and #counterproductive. So, just #don’t do it. DID YOU KNOW… when you use more than two hashtags, your engagement may actually drop by an average of 17 percent? Keep it to a max of 2 to 3, and make them unique!

It’s okay to use capitals in hashtags.
If you are using two or more words in a hashtag, then why not? The search results remain the same regardless, and this will make it readable at a #QuickGlance. But, for goodness sake, don’t use this as an #ExcuseToMakeReallyLongHashtags.

Hashtags is your business friend. Hashtag that name!
Feel free to hashtag your business name for great search results. However, if you have mentioned your name multiple times within a post then there is no need to hashtag it every time. Once is enough, ok? Same goes for other words.

Have you created a “unique” hashtag?
Then push the heck out of it, specially if it relates to your business products and events as an example. Get it into group discussions. Put it all over your marketing. Track it. Make it work for you. Just think what will happen when someone searches this hashtag. Don’t be an weak amateur here.

Don’t forget to do your research.
Keep in mind that some hashtags have already been used for a while. There could be some shady history associated with your hashtag of choice. It’s best to do some research on common words and phrases… just in case. I prefer not to give examples here. Just take my advice. This could get really ugly! I will leave it to your imagination.

Hashtag Abuse.
And on the other hand, if you feel tempted to use a controversial or popular hashtag that has nothing to do with your post for more visibility, this is considered hashtag abuse. The public will catch on. Sure, you’ll probably get plenty of attention… in the form of followers dropping you like a bad habit. Just don’t do it.


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Save the hashtag from being demoralized. Understand and follow these tips. Share them with others so we all may continue to use the power of hashtags towards our businesses across the globe.