Year of Video 2

Social Networks for Video Promotion

Taking Videos Viral, Who’s Getting Stars?

by Bill Nolan

Now that video is part of most businesses’ marketing arsenals, and we discussed in our last blog ways and apps to help you develop these videos yourself… it’s time to get updated on what social platforms are working to help you with best placements and tricks to promote these vids. After all, if it’s not viewed then what’s the purpose, right? Luckily I’ve started some homework for you. Let’s take a look at how you can utilize some of the leading social networks to take your video content and promotions viral. Read more >

The Rise of Podcasts

A New Dawn.

by Bill Nolan

Derived from “broadcast,” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, digital, audio podcasts have become a popular exchange for traditional radio shows or possibly a different form of their resurrection. Either way, podcasts came into popularity over 10+ years ago and slowly lost audience interest over time. We’ll leave the rest of this history for another blog… podcasts are now experiencing a rejuvenation of interest. Just like any shiny new toy, podcasts have gone through their cycle of the up and down. Since 2008 podcast listeners are on the rise again and have nearly doubled. As smartphones become the preferred listening device this form of broadcasting is finding new interest. Now it’s time to ask yourself if you should consider this media tool for your business? Read more >