Are We On The Air?

Live stream your business

Live stream your business now.

by Bill Nolan

We’ve been hearing for years that video is the next hottest thing in social media marketing for businesses, but until recently it’s just been a lot of talk. Multiple networks have finally started to walk the walk and give people the ability to go live with video posts and so much more. It’s gone beyond recorded videos as most know them on YouTube and Vimeo. There are multiple, new contenders in this show. Live streaming video is the rage and making this truly the year of video. Read more >

It’s Super Bird!

Twitter Super Bird

Twitter Debate 2

by Bill Nolan

Without a doubt, Twitter continues to be a very popular social media platform. You ask why? And more importantly, is it worth investing in for your business? The concern with Twitter is that its popularity is really being pushed by Hollywood. Celebrity selfies, rumor mills, b-list actors and actresses trading insults in an attempt to keep their names relevant. It’s all fine and dandy if that’s what you’re interested in. Judging by this networks slow growth in new users and the fact that many businesses do not add this network to their repertoire, Twitter is beginning to realize that they may have a problem… and I know if I want to catch up on some gossip I’ll hang around the water cooler at work. I prefer to read and learn something that’s productive during my time on the social networks. Let’s keep the nonsense to magazines at the local grocery store checkout lines, and give me a reason to pitch Twitter as a viable option for my clients’ marketing plan. Read more >

A Channel for Everyone

social media channels

But Is Anything Really On?

by Bill Nolan

The rapid development and progression of all the social media platforms out there today reminds me some what of the television channels of days past. Not that long ago Myspace, Facebook, and a few other networks were it. They weren’t that much different from cable TV at the time with a rotary style dial that let you choose from a whole 20 channels or so… ABC, CBS, NBC, some public access channels. They were the go-to for entertainment and the most up-to-date happenings. Think back, remember putting aluminum foil on the rabbit ears to try and get a glimpse of After Dark movies that your parents wouldn’t subscribe to? You know you did it, admit it! Anyways, I’m an adult now and have over 1,000 TV channels and plenty of social media platforms to entertain myself with. That seems to be a common thread I can’t ignore… there is now a television channel for everyone and the social media platforms are heading in the same direction. So, what is your viewing pleasure? Read more >