Let’s Chat – New Ways of Communicating

Chat Apps and Social Messengers

Reach Out and Touch Someone

by Bill Nolan

No, I’m not referring to those sappy phone commercials from the 80’s. I’m talking about the new ways businesses are using technology to communicate with customers and communicate internally. After all, growing your business is based on how well you convey what it is you do and what needs to be done to do what you do. Keeping in touch with your team and your customers couldn’t be more important than it is today, specially with the vultures out there looking to infiltrate. And we know you are up with the times, but we wanted to take a moment to review. What steps are you taking to get with the times, grow your team and reach customers in new ways? Put down the phone, as we know it, and pick up your ‘smart phone’ filled with the latest messaging and chat apps and social communication tools… right at your finger tips. Read more >