Snapchat May Be Growing Up

Snapchat Growing Up

Is 2016 Really the Year of Snaps?

by Bill Nolan

Snapchat, launched in 2011, is a free messaging application for sharing moments. It let’s you take a photo or video, add a caption or doodle, and ‘snap’ it, aka send it, to specific friends. You may also add it to your ‘story’ for sharing with all friends. You ask, does it have the potential to build relationships for your business? This photo and video sharing platform has around 100 million active users. Does this mean you should utilize it? Is this really a logical solution and platform to find your audience on? The ‘snaps’ you send followers only last seconds before vanishing, and the ‘stories’ feature allows videos to be viewable for a whopping 24 hours. It may not be the easiest to work with when developing exposure for your business, but if you’re one of those social gurus who think outside the box this could be a lot of fun. And Snapchat doesn’t seem to be going away… just yet. Read more >

I am Your Follower.

Do You Know Me?

– by Bill Nolan

Here’s a question… how many of you pay attention to the fans and followers on your business’ social media accounts? Do you actually get to know these followers to understand what their interests are and why they decided to follow you? Would you even notice if Bill Gates started to follow you? Or, are you just going through the motions and crunching numbers?

I Am Your Follower

Many business’ lose track of why they first started promotions on social media. Likes and followers are only statistics. REMINDER, the reason you’re here is to secure current customers, attract potential clients and make your business successful. This is why understanding who your followers are and what made them follow you in the first place is so important! If you’re not taking a closer look you may be oblivious to the real reason your products and services are appealing to them. You are probably misunderstanding an entire audience that you never even realized you had or could have. Taking the time to understand these fine details will only help you in the long run with targeting posts, communications, promotions, ads and more. Read more >