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2018 Marketing Toolbox Trends

The Year of the Earth Dog. 2018.

by Bill Nolan

The Year of the Earth Dog is a good time for change and for the start of interesringly new business ventures. Is your business ready?

We are all working to close out 2017 with a flurry of activity aimed at improving better customer experiences and staying on top of new marketing trends to bring in returns for 2018. You can’t miss all of the newly progressive features hitting social and digital outlets including live video streaming, integrated editing tools and business communication services, not to mention AI and Virtual Reality technologies. While other so-called ‘trending’ services and features from the past year have fallen far down by the wayside, there are those still building excitement and gaining momentum. It’s that time to review what 2018 has in store. Read more >

Looking for your audience?

Invest in the Right Social Home

by Bill Nolan

If your business social media page is not performing quite as expected, and you’re paying for more followers than interacting with them, one basic problem may be that you’re knocking on the wrong social media doors. There really isn’t a one size fits all platform. Some have a broader audience, and others are more refined. All have their pros and cons. Each network contains its own niche groups. As you should already know, do the research before jumping in on the huge investment of a snappy network because your best friends daughter knows all about it and thinks it’s cool. Read more >

Snapchat May Be Growing Up

Snapchat Growing Up

Is 2016 Really the Year of Snaps?

by Bill Nolan

Snapchat, launched in 2011, is a free messaging application for sharing moments. It let’s you take a photo or video, add a caption or doodle, and ‘snap’ it, aka send it, to specific friends. You may also add it to your ‘story’ for sharing with all friends. You ask, does it have the potential to build relationships for your business? This photo and video sharing platform has around 100 million active users. Does this mean you should utilize it? Is this really a logical solution and platform to find your audience on? The ‘snaps’ you send followers only last seconds before vanishing, and the ‘stories’ feature allows videos to be viewable for a whopping 24 hours. It may not be the easiest to work with when developing exposure for your business, but if you’re one of those social gurus who think outside the box this could be a lot of fun. And Snapchat doesn’t seem to be going away… just yet. Read more >