Website vs Social Pages

Website vs Social Pages

Business Professional or Social Butterfly?

Still using Facebook or another social media platform as your business website and main online presence? Unfortunately and surprisingly many businesses still do, and they are missing out on the bigger marketing picture, as well as reaching their full audience, and maximizing on all of the potential that a website offers. Many businesses use social media as their “website” and do not realize the difference or the shortcomings of using only these platforms for marketing.

You may be wondering why Facebook, Etsy, Instagram or another platform isn’t good enough, and you ask, “Do I really need a website?” Let’s explore this a little: Read more >

To Blog Or Not To Blog?


Going Back to the Basics Here…

by Bill Nolan

Is it really beneficial for my business to have a blog? 

This question still amazes me that it lingers in the minds of so many. Given the fact that I am taking time to write this blog topic gives you my thoughts on this question, and the fact that you are reading it solidifies my answer. If you think about what you’re asking then it’s really a no brainer. You don’t have to be a world renowned author to have an interesting blog, you only need to have something interesting to say and be creative in how you say it. The benefits of blogging for your business are numerous while the drawbacks are virtually non existent. So, my question to you is… what do you have to lose?? Read more >

The Power of Social Media Managers

social media manager

Is it Myth, a Legend or is it Real?

by Bill Nolan

There is a myth circulating about that all a Social Media Manager does is make a couple posts a week about the business, maybe update header images occasionally, post a few cute dog or baby pictures and that’s about it. With this in mind most assume it’s child’s play, and all they need to do is start a Facebook business page themselves. They can make a post and more business will begin to pour in. Or, since it is so easy they will create business pages on multiple networks and make it onto Forbes top companies list in no time at all. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it is time to inject some reality into this fantasy. Many business owners have quickly realized they are in over their heads and that they don’t have the time to keep the accounts active. They need to focus on running their business. The result? Nothing positive, and that’s guaranteed. Their business pages just float around in limbo, maybe there’s a post once or twice a month and pretty soon they decide that social media marketing is just a waste of time. They give it up. Unfortunately, they’ve just missed out on the opportunity to really connect with a bevy of potential clients like their competition is. Read more >