Show Us the Money

Show Me Money

Sometimes You Gotta Spend To Make…

by Bill Nolan

This isn’t new news, but there’s no way around it these days, to get the most bang for your business online and on your social media accounts it may be time to invest. All platforms are finding ways to get you to ante up. There’s no denying that using paid advertisements increases the exposure and engagement your business pages receive. Now, before dollar signs start flashing before your eyes and you begin to hyperventilate, this all can be done without spending your child’s college tuition. Sure, some huge companies spend 200k+ a day when they run a promoted campaign, but the average business owner can benefit from a minimal investment. Do not hesitate to consult with a social media manager and designer to create a campaign that’s worth promoting and will be sure to drive traffic to your page and website. The next best thing to the forthcoming exposure for your business is the fact that you decide what you want to spend. Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to spend a fortune to reap benefits. Just think of it this way, a little is better than nothing at all. Hell, invest $20 and you will see a difference. Spend a little more and you’ll experience a lot more! Once you’ve decided these waters are safe to tread, it’s time to understand what the networks have to offer… Read more >