It’s All About Word Of Mouth

Word of Mouth Marketing

Are They Talking About You?

by Bill Nolan

Positive or negative, Word of Mouth Marketing can be used to your advantage.

Yes, good old-fashioned Word of Mouth Marketing has entered the digital age via review websites, status ranking sites like Klout and social media platforms. Word of Mouth Marketing is still extremely crucial for your business. In fact, it’s probably more important than ever considering your customers’ opinions have the potential to reach tens of thousands of people even more quickly. It really does have the ability to make or break your business in just a day. So, are you doing everything possible to take advantage of it this old, yet new marketing outlet? Read more >

You’ve Been Branded : Chapter 2

Personal Branding

Like it or not, you are being judged.

by Bill Nolan

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Unfortunately most people still don’t give thought to their personal brands. Most do not even understand what this really means or know how it affects their business. Reality shows personal branding must be considered in serious marketing strategies. Take examples from people like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Madonna, Elon Musk and heck, even our presidential candidates. And I’m not saying these are all great examples, but you get the picture. The affect your comments, actions and opinions have on your business may cause long-lasting benefits or possibly huge problems. Read more >

Who Do You Think You Are?

Personal Branding Part 2: Art of Marketing Yourself

by Bill Nolan

I have written extensively in the past about how important your personal brand is and how it affects your business. By now you should have a good idea of what “not to do” in order to prevent your personal life from negatively affecting your business. The question is… how do you create positive and productive personal branding that helps boost your business brand as well?

personal branding

Stick with what you know.

You’re not an expert on everything so don’t try and act like you are. Whatever your industry may be, ensure that you stay well educated and convey your knowledge to the public. In this case of personal branding, that means sharing informative and educational content to your social media platforms and website. I know it’s may be boring stuff for a socialite, but it is not about your local trollers anymore. It is about building your own personal brand. Read more >