There’s A New Season of Social


by Bill Nolan

The cold and dreary winter is now behind us. It’s time for some late spring cleaning and a fresh look at Social Media’s new “gadgets” for marketing. Have our favorite platforms sprouted any new features, or have they become too sedentary? Well I am here to say there is much good news my friends. A mix of early warm temps and plenty of heavy rains inspired a lot of new growth.

A New Seasons of Social Media 2017

A New Seasons of Social Media 2017


Since being acquired by Microsoft, LinkedIn has become a real mover and shaker. I’m even shocked at this one. If you haven’t been on the network lately, it has a new layout resembling Facebook-like features It’s. definitely an upgrade from the tired old look we’ve come to settle with. In addition they’ve recently re-introduced #hashtags as a feature. A little glitchy from time-to-time, but you have to admit this tool is not going away. So they are finally back with LinkedIn. And if it’s really been a long while since you’ve logged in, the ability to post articles (aka blog posts) is now available to everyone. I believe they release this stuff slowly to see what people will pay for with a Pro Account. A bit of a greedy tactic LinkedIn is known for. Another nice addition is the introduction of LinkedIn ProFinder. It connects people looking for skills with those that have them. It’s more of a B2B or freelance thing, and not a job board. It’s a cool feature, but of course you must have a Pro Account to reap the true benefits. A standard account will let you submit 10 project proposals for free, and after that you’ll need to pay for a Pro Account to continue using this feature. Along with LinkedIn’s updated design, they have improved their statistics reporting, and there are multiple other new features coming, but way too clunky to mention at this time. Their handling of images and videos is still outdated, but I am still finding myself on this network more and more. It’s coming into its own… finally. Read more >