2016 : Year of the Fire Monkey

Year of the Monkey

Domination, Innovation & Competitive Drive

by Bill Nolan

Now that 2015 has come and gone rather quietly, are we finally in for some major changes in the social, online and technology markets? Companies spent the better part of last year tweaking existing features, and we believe they have been prepping for some bigger game changers in 2016. Let’s take a brief look at what the New Year has in store…

Year of the Monkey

Artificial Intelligence

Not a new concept, but there’s definitely movement towards this being added to mainstream products.Tesla, IBM, Microsoft, Google… recognize any of these names? With companies like this pushing the envelope of AI, I expect to see some of this implemented into social programs, search engines, and much more in the coming year. This powerful technology has the ability to precisely determine search results, target audience locations, exact content posting times across networks and more. The days of lackluster, generic, and quite frankly, wrong insights for your social networks are over. Heck, right now I could just punch my keyboard and get more accurate insights. It’s time to stop fearing the singularity theory and embrace this technology for what it can give us… a better reality. Read more >