Zuckerberg vs. Leatherface

Who will finish on top?

– by Bill Nolan and Kristina Danklef

For entertainment purposes only. Not for the faint of heart.

Isn’t this a great time of year? Cool, crisp temperatures, colorful leaves, and oh yeah, horror movies… They are definitely my favorite genre, although sometimes I wonder why the victims can never get away? Maybe they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, or maybe they just didn’t have the right technological tools, or if they did, they didn’t properly use them. In any case, what if the victims of past horror flicks were just a little more savvy with their social accounts? Read more >

Are you LinkedIn yet?

Are You LinkedIn

LinkedIn Improves For a Part 3

by Bill Nolan

Yes, LinkedIn was originally developed as a resume’ posting site, and yes, it is still used for that purpose and remains an excellent platform for this use. And no, that’s not all it is. I am amazed by how many people are still failing to realize that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for promoting their business, as well as themselves. However, those who are privy to that fact (about 250 million at last count) are reaping the benefits and fueling what is probably one of the most underrated social platforms. Those numbers double Google+ and are closing in on Twitter. Ok, so it probably won’t pass Facebook in sheer numbers but who cares? You’ll get more useful information from spending five minutes on LinkedIn that you’ll get from spending five days on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc… In my opinion. If you want to see pretty pictures, go there. If you want to create some quality exposure, share what you and your business has to offer then get LinkedIn. Read more >

A Channel for Everyone

social media channels

But Is Anything Really On?

by Bill Nolan

The rapid development and progression of all the social media platforms out there today reminds me some what of the television channels of days past. Not that long ago Myspace, Facebook, and a few other networks were it. They weren’t that much different from cable TV at the time with a rotary style dial that let you choose from a whole 20 channels or so… ABC, CBS, NBC, some public access channels. They were the go-to for entertainment and the most up-to-date happenings. Think back, remember putting aluminum foil on the rabbit ears to try and get a glimpse of After Dark movies that your parents wouldn’t subscribe to? You know you did it, admit it! Anyways, I’m an adult now and have over 1,000 TV channels and plenty of social media platforms to entertain myself with. That seems to be a common thread I can’t ignore… there is now a television channel for everyone and the social media platforms are heading in the same direction. So, what is your viewing pleasure? Read more >