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Virtual Reality and Holographic Computing

Virtual Reality & Holographic Computing Are Reality

by Bil Nolan & Kristina Danklef

Before we take off into this new reality, let’s do a 101 on the technologies at hand. Virtual Reality (VR), sometimes referred to as immersive multimedia, shows us a virtual world which isn’t really there. VR makes us feel like we are flying through space, walking through a field and visiting places across the globe… from our living room. And simply put, Holographic Computing (holograms) creates 3 dimensional objects and forms in our real space. Both technologies make use of glasses or lenses to show you the virtual world and objects placed within our environment. Read more >

The Future is HERE


Holographic Computing

by Bill Nolan

Apparently nobody told the developers at Microsoft that holographic computing technology is only for the movies like Minority Report with Tom Cruise. Maybe they have been lounging around watching movies all day, brainstorming ways to bring fantasies to reality. Lord knows we have been waiting for something astounding to come from their offices. Well, make no mistake, Microsoft’s new HoloLens is nothing like Google Glass Part 2. They seem to have realized this technology isn’t going to be part of our daily wardrobe just yet. And, Microsoft is not trying to… a lesson that Google failed to realize quickly. Instead, the HoloLens will without a doubt begin showing up in offices around the world soon enough. You may be skeptical of it, or just wondering what it even is. Read more >