Are You Branded?

personal branding

Not talking about tattoos here…

by Bill Nolan

One of the most overlooked, yet crucial aspects of business success depends on how you are perceived by the public. I am not talking about your business brand at this time, but your personal brand. Your personal brand is just as important as everything you do for your business. It is now 2015. In this age of social media, everything you do, say, and share, whether good or bad, will undoubtedly bleed into other aspects of your life, namely, your business. It only takes a quick Google search to show multiple instances of past indiscretions and poor personal choices that may directly affect the perception one has of you and your business. Not only reserved for the self-employed and job seekers, many potential customers for any given business are scouring the internet to find out the background of staff members they may be working with. Is it fair? Maybe not, but it’s reality. If you’re not careful, the posts you make today could come back to haunt you tomorrow. Obviously this doesn’t mean you should abandon your personal online presence. Instead, you need to ensure your actions help and not hurt you professionally‚Ķ common sense. And I know it sounds easier than it looks. Filters here please! Read more >