Damage Control

Social Media Damage Control

Take Control

by Bill Nolan

Social media, handled with care, is without a doubt a powerful assist for your business’s marketing. Still, things don’t always go as expected. Do you have a plan in place? In a perfect world your social media business pages would generate great interaction, feedback and ROIs, but considering this is reality, your business page is sure to encounter some bumps along the way. While handling with care you still must be prepared to deal with those blindsiding events. Here’s a few scenarios to put your business in, and ask yourself if you’re prepared and how would you handle… Read more >

Business & Personal, It’s a Mirror Image

What reflection does your clients see?

by Bill Nolan

Whether you believe it or not, or even if you like it or not, If you have your own business then your personal branding can have a direct impact on that business. It seems logical that most people would understand this, but every day someone is doing serious damage to their business’s reputation by putting their foot in their mouth on social media sites. The question is, are you utilizing those accounts to strengthen your business reputation, or are you essentially playing with fire because you feel the need to share your “opinion” with the world? Maybe it’s time for a refresher before you dig your own business grave… Read more >