“Is this Really A Debate” PART 2

by Bill Nolan

Which Way To Go With This?

Maybe it was the mystique surrounding Ello, the not so new social network, that originally pulled me in. They were that exclusive club that everyone wanted to be part of but you needed an invitation to join. Ello threw out hints about what they had to offer, how they were better than every other network and so on. It was reminiscent of the 1989 commercial for the Infiniti Q45. If you remember, they never actually showed the vehicle in that ad, they just used the anticipation factor as a tool to build momentum for themselves. In the case of Infiniti however, the vehicles turned out to be fairly spectacular. As for Ello? Well, I basically feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, tearing into my presents, only to discover that Santa only brought me clothes. In other words, disappointment with a capital D. Maybe this is exactly why Ello went with the “shrouded in secrecy” route to begin with… they knew their platform was less than stellar. Read more >