The Beauty of a Business Card

Business Card Apps

Becoming Obsolete?

by Bill Nolan

They have been a staple in the business world for years, but are the days numbered for business cards as we know them? Are they becoming dinosaurs and dead as the trees they are made from? Surely paper business cards aren’t that disposable, or are they?

When you think about it, what’s the life expectancy of a business card? How many have you left in your pockets, later to be destroyed by the washing machine? Take a look in your desk drawer. See how many are floating at the bottom – just hanging out. I’m guessing you have a pretty nice collection – one that puts Neenah Paper to shame. Obviously, in this digital age, some customs are sure to die, but the idea of the paper business card going away, well, that seems impossible. Or is it? Read more >

The Future of Marketing is Here

2018 Marketing Toolbox Trends

The Year of the Earth Dog. 2018.

by Bill Nolan

The Year of the Earth Dog is a good time for change and for the start of interesringly new business ventures. Is your business ready?

We are all working to close out 2017 with a flurry of activity aimed at improving better customer experiences and staying on top of new marketing trends to bring in returns for 2018. You can’t miss all of the newly progressive features hitting social and digital outlets including live video streaming, integrated editing tools and business communication services, not to mention AI and Virtual Reality technologies. While other so-called ‘trending’ services and features from the past year have fallen far down by the wayside, there are those still building excitement and gaining momentum. It’s that time to review what 2018 has in store. Read more >

Facebook is All In With Workplace

Facebook Workplace

This Ain’t No Disco

by Bill Nolan

Take a moment. Forget about the political, patriotic/unpatriotic and religious posts that seem to overwhelm your Facebook newsfeed these days. There is one other constant making its way into your headlines. It is business and business marketing. Facebook has become a powerhouse for businesses looking for this exposure and interaction. And, in a strong move forward to maintain growth and compete with companies like Google, Slack, Microsoft and many other up-and-comers, Facebook has continued to push the boundaries of its platform. Read more >