Website vs Social Pages

Website vs Social Pages

Business Professional or Social Butterfly?

Still using Facebook or another social media platform as your business website and main online presence? Unfortunately and surprisingly many businesses still do, and they are missing out on the bigger marketing picture, as well as reaching their full audience, and maximizing on all of the potential that a website offers. Many businesses use social media as their “website” and do not realize the difference or the shortcomings of using only these platforms for marketing.

You may be wondering why Facebook, Etsy, Instagram or another platform isn’t good enough, and you ask, “Do I really need a website?” Let’s explore this a little: Read more >

Failure to Communicate?

Business Messenger Apps

Here Comes the Age of Business Messaging Apps

– by Bill Nolan

Thinking your business communications are up to par? You have robust tech in place, cloud-based services, collaborative online workspaces, video conferencing, but how about the direct team communications – and on the go? Seems like an odd question, but it may be time to get your team connected and communicating through a business messaging app. If your team’s primary way to communicate is by walking from desk to desk, emails, the Monday morning meeting or old-fashioned text messaging, then it really is time to consider getting up to speed with your competitors – no matter what industry you’re in. Read more >

The Beauty of a Business Card

Business Card Apps

Becoming Obsolete?

by Bill Nolan

They have been a staple in the business world for years, but are the days numbered for business cards as we know them? Are they becoming dinosaurs and dead as the trees they are made from? Surely paper business cards aren’t that disposable, or are they?

When you think about it, what’s the life expectancy of a business card? How many have you left in your pockets, later to be destroyed by the washing machine? Take a look in your desk drawer. See how many are floating at the bottom – just hanging out. I’m guessing you have a pretty nice collection – one that puts Neenah Paper to shame. Obviously, in this digital age, some customs are sure to die, but the idea of the paper business card going away, well, that seems impossible. Or is it? Read more >