Getting Social in this Growing Digital Age

Social Media Business Concerns

For some it’s tricky, but let’s get started.

by Bill Nolan

Is your business reaping the benefits of social marketing or are you still filled with doubt? With billions of daily users scrolling one platform or another, posting pictures here or videos there and listening to the latest and greatest podcast – you can be assured that your clients are out there. Social media should be part of your regular marketing strategy, and if it isn’t, you may want to change your marketing firm. And on the other side, if social media is your only marketing plan, then you may want to change your marketing firm! Like any other tool, you must be prepared to use it in conjunction with other outlets knowledgeably with a marketing firm or as a DIYer. Read more >

Website vs Social Pages

Website vs Social Pages

Business Professional or Social Butterfly?

Still using Facebook or another social media platform as your business website and main online presence? Unfortunately and surprisingly many businesses still do, and they are missing out on the bigger marketing picture, as well as reaching their full audience, and maximizing on all of the potential that a website offers. Many businesses use social media as their “website” and do not realize the difference or the shortcomings of using only these platforms for marketing.

You may be wondering why Facebook, Etsy, Instagram or another platform isn’t good enough, and you ask, “Do I really need a website?” Let’s explore this a little:

Who Owns What

First of all, you own your website, and you are in complete control of it. Why would you want to give someone else the complete authority to control your content, restrict when it is seen and limits the percentage of who sees your content based on their preferred “algorithms” that change monthly? Even if that’s not a major concern for you, the point is, you are basically relinquishing control to a stranger on social media platforms. And their idea of “proper” content may not jive with yours. The various social media platforms have the ability and the right to pull the plug as they see legally fit. Read more >

Failure to Communicate?

Business Messenger Apps

Here Comes the Age of Business Messaging Apps

– by Bill Nolan

Thinking your business communications are up to par? You have robust tech in place, cloud-based services, collaborative online workspaces, video conferencing, but how about the direct team communications – and on the go? Seems like an odd question, but it may be time to get your team connected and communicating through a business messaging app. If your team’s primary way to communicate is by walking from desk to desk, emails, the Monday morning meeting or old-fashioned text messaging, then it really is time to consider getting up to speed with your competitors – no matter what industry you’re in.

What is wrong with simply texting for business, you ask? While texting is technically considered “instant messaging,” the glaring difference is security, privacy and lack of so many other robust new functions that bring a team together. With texting, anyone gaining or hacking access to your phone or other devices can easily see the information being transmitted. With business messaging apps, your team will need a much more secure login access to view data and submit. This extra level of security is one major brownie point powering the new messenger app trends. Plus, you can really help improve your business functions through these apps, like sharing files, instant video messaging and organizing group communications for teams specific to projects or tasks. And, it’s all searchable for future reference. The extra beauty in all of this is the restricted and assignable access to different groups and levels within the apps. Team members are only privy to work that involves them – keeping them focused. This means your ‘secret’ projects won’t appear on everyone’s radar. This is also where the text messaging types just can’t hold up. These apps will streamline your business and increase productivity today for tomorrow.

Business Messenger Apps

And don’t worry, you won’t have to run your business strictly from your cell phone. Business messenger apps easily let you jump onto your desktop, laptop or other mobile devices so you can pick up right where you left off and never stop the conversations. Versatility is crucial, and this is just another business selling point for these newly amped up apps.

Is your business on the go? Are team members on the road for services calls, installs or delivering services in some way? The whole team can stay connected and contribute to the tasks regardless of where they are.

Do you really need one of these new thingies, you now ask? Yes, unless your business doesn’t need to communicate with clients and team members in real-time with the best efficiency and increased workplace collaboration. Just ask yourself, are you running a business or a daycare center? Heck, even a daycare center would benefit from a business messenger app.

Now that you’re convinced your that business is naked without one of these messenger apps, you’re probably wondering which one right for you. While there are dozens to choose from and more coming out every day, most share many of the same features. Here are just a couple examples:

Slack (a stand-alone app)

More than just chat, Slack includes reminders that keep the work flowing. It is very easy use, with plenty of custom settings, making Slack a top choice for organized business communications with “intelligence.” When you factor in its ability to integrate with so many other apps, the screen sharing and a wide variety of other options, it’s no surprise that Slack is already very popular with businesses. Pricing ranges from free to $6.67/month per user starting.

Stride (a stand-alone app)

Enjoy video and standard messaging, integration with other apps, guest access for clients to join and so much more. This is a fully powered app so team members can work from anywhere. Plus, receive status messaging so other team members no when someone is focused on the job at hand. Pricing ranges from $3/month per user starting. Read more >