Live stream your business now.

by Bill Nolan

We’ve been hearing for years that video is the next hottest thing in social media marketing for businesses, but until recently it’s just been a lot of talk. Multiple networks have finally started to walk the walk and give people the ability to go live with video posts and so much more. It’s gone beyond recorded videos as most know them on YouTube and Vimeo. There are multiple, new contenders in this show. Live streaming video is the rage and making this truly the year of video.

Why does live streaming videos work? Simply put, people enjoy watching reality. It is an easy way to make that personal connection, and it allows customers to get to know the real you behind the scenes. Live streaming is real-time interaction where opinions matter on both sides. Followers can ask questions, leave comments and even get notices when you’re going “on the air.” This real-time interaction is way much easier for conveying your business’s message, educating and sharing ideas.

Live stream your business

Live stream your business.

I think it’s time to take some notes on some of the new and existing options out there.

Google Hangouts

Remember Google Hangouts? Not a new concept here. If you don’t remember, let me do a refresh. There’s this juggernaut of a company called Google, and it gave you this feature called Google Hangouts a long time ago. These Hangouts have been giving people and businesses the space and the ability to hold live streaming video conferences with followers and clients via their G+ page. Think about the possibilities you have been missing! So, while you were watching America’s dumbest old videos on Youtube, your competition was most likely taking advantage of Google’s real-time feature and hanging out with clients and building a stronger connection. It’s ok. You probably only lost a few hundred hours of priceless networking time over the past year while watching the same skateboarders wipe out again and again. Well, it’s better late than never. Getting involved with this real-time interaction Hangout should be added high on your ‘To Do’ list immediately. Keep in mind, these Hangouts are private. You need to invite people to hangout or create groups that people can request to join.

Facebook Live

Everyone is on Facebook. Need another reason to get Live? Well, it’s easy to use. When the mood strikes you to go live with Facebook Live just hit a button and start broadcasting. I believe we have all seen this feature in action on the news lately. Whether you want to share moments from a seminar, show some quick tips or you want to give an in depth look at a particular subject, Facebook Live is ready to go. This feature lets you see who is following and commenting on your discussions as well. It gives you live reactions to gauge how your broadcast is doing. It also enables you to filter who can and cannot see your live stream. Let’s be honest, you really want your target audience to be those interested in your business subjects, right? That’s our polite way of saying that you can filter out the trolls. And after your broadcast you can continue engagement with followers by answering questions submitted. This can be a very unique and enjoyable experience for all.


Periscope is another great live streaming platform that gives your business the ability to easily share what’s going on in your business world. The one main difference with Periscope is that it’s an app rather than it’s own platform. This requires a little more work to gain a following. The good news is Periscope was acquired by Twitter. So, assuming you haven’t omitted a Twitter business page from your social media arsenal, you can share your content via the Twitter platform making it significantly easier to build an audience. Don’t have Twitter? It’s 2016. You might want to consider starting. Well, let’s just hope you have Facebook. Fortunately for you Facebook also supports Periscope’s live videos. With Periscope, they tout, “you can discover the world through someone else’s eyes. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.” Just think what your business and do.


This one is for the more high-end users. Livestream is for those serious about exposure. It offers software and apps that enable you to go live when the time is right. Whether it’s from your desktop, mobile device or even through Google Glass, this platform has you connected. They are able to tailor services to just about any group or business. Seriously, if you are ready to speak or sing, what are you waiting for? Livestream conferences, events, music, panel discussions, brainstorming, you name it! The only catch is that this one is going to cost you. Plans typically range from $40 and up to $1,200 per month. Livestream does offer live production software, hardware and so much more to make sure your live videos are professional for every solution. Wow!

These days unique interaction experiences with followers and clients are crucial to building a successful business brand and presence. I’ve given you a glimpse of what live streaming video can do, and we’ve reviewed some of the top performing platforms and services to get you started. Are you looking for more valuable tips, or ideas on where to go from here? Well, the lesson for today is over, but don’t worry, I’m always available for consultation.