But Is Anything Really On?

by Bill Nolan

The rapid development and progression of all the social media platforms out there today reminds me some what of the television channels of days past. Not that long ago Myspace, Facebook, and a few other networks were it. They weren’t that much different from cable TV at the time with a rotary style dial that let you choose from a whole 20 channels or so… ABC, CBS, NBC, some public access channels. They were the go-to for entertainment and the most up-to-date happenings. Think back, remember putting aluminum foil on the rabbit ears to try and get a glimpse of After Dark movies that your parents wouldn’t subscribe to? You know you did it, admit it! Anyways, I’m an adult now and have over 1,000 TV channels and plenty of social media platforms to entertain myself with. That seems to be a common thread I can’t ignore… there is now a television channel for everyone and the social media platforms are heading in the same direction. So, what is your viewing pleasure?

social media channels

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular social media “channels” whose ratings (users) are comparable to the primetime TV networks:

It is The Business Channel. Not to be confused for Bloomberg, but it is the place to be if you’re looking for a job, promote your skills or wanting to promote your own business. The ability to network with other professionals and participate in active groups makes this site worth your time. Pictures of your babies, mutts, etc., are all ill advised and typically not well received.

For all of you soap opera and Bravo fans. Facebook is an excellent place to stay in touch with friends and family. Unfortunately, it can be overrun with the aforementioned baby pics, dog pics, selfies, etc. I hesitate to mention the status updates stating how miserable people are, or how great they are for that matter. Basically it’s a regurgitation of everyone’s lives. Enjoy!!

Pinterest and Instagram
The medical channels. Not your QVC. They are an easy way to let people give you a psychiatric evaluation. Everything you like, what pleasures you and possibly a daily visual diary is posted on these platforms. You could unknowingly be giving strangers more of a glimpse into your personal life than you realize. Just saying… Be cautious on The Shopping Channel.

Tinder, Zoosk, OkCupid
What channel was The Dating Game on? Upload your best bathroom selfie (you know you have lots of them) and let the fun begin! Just keep in mind that the girl you’re talking to could very likely be a man and ***SPOILER ALERT*** not every guy is 6′ 185lbs with a muscular build… and a “healthy” frame is code for… well, you get the point.

The news channel, or more like the ticker on your favorite news channel. You can spend an hour here and not really get the full picture of anything. There are a lot of opinions, but unless you click on the many tweeted links to full stories elsewhere, then you will never get the underlying truth. And don’t blink, because too much abbreviated information moving at lightening speed makes it nearly impossible to absorb anything. This one is great for those skimming across the wave of life with no time to stop and smell the roses for themselves.

One of the BIG 3 Networks or possibly Discovery. This platform offers a nice variety of everything – business, personal, news, education and entertainment. Also with an array of communities covering everything under the sun, you should have no trouble finding what you are looking for here. Ok, so my remote has this one set as a favorite.

So what will the future bring? Just as cable exploded over the years, I believe social media channels will follow suit… probably in way less time. The existing platforms will continue to improve as they compete for users, but more importantly many new diverse platforms will emerge. And why wouldn’t they? Consider how popular sports, hunting/fishing, food, and even ghost hunting programs have become on TV. Like I said, there is a television channel to suit every taste and plenty of people watching. The next logical step will be social media platforms tailored for every niche you can think of.

There is a new couch potato in town.

This one has been a lot of fun and good coffee talk. On a business note, all of the social media “channels” are great for marketing. This is where knowing your audience and who you want to connect with comes into play.