6 Trending Warnings & Tips

by Bill Nolan

Looking for the right push in 2017 for your business’s online marketing presence,  well, you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully you’ve been following my advice over the past year – learning ways to develop and keep your business social pages, website and online presence humming along nicely. If not, your business may be in need of some life support. It’s ok, and it’s never too late, but there may be lots of work ahead to catch up with those competitors. Either way, these warnings and tips for the coming year will get you on target and keep you on a successful course. Avoid experiencing the kiss of death in 2017.

2017 Marketing Trends, Tips & Warnings

2017 Marketing Trends, Tips & Warnings

THE BIG 1 – No Social Platforms

Let’s knock this one out of the park quickly. Some of you may be laughing, but this one’s no joke. No matter your business type, if you don’t have some kind of social online presence to cross promote your brand – then you may want to reconsider who is handling your marketing, or MAYBE you need to start listening to them. Let’s be realistic, this isn’t the late 1800’s, nor the late 1900’s. If your biggest promotions consist of the Yellow Pages, local newspapers or you say, “all I need is a website,” then you’ll be striking out soon. Hell, how are you even reading this blog, via Pony Express? That just won’t cut it. Get your business involved in at least 1-3 social platforms and start taking advantage of this new invention called the internet. Trust me, your business will thank you for it. The time is now.

Cyber Security, I REPEAT, Cyber Security

Nothing can ruin a day quicker than sitting down with a cup of coffee to check your business’s accounts – only to discover that you’ve been hacked. Yep! Someone somewhere is using your business pages or website to deliver an assortment of ill-advised posts and links while you’ve been getting your beauty sleep. It’s time for damage control, but that’s easier said than done. This is not the year to play ignorant. If you haven’t seen the hacks on major banks and government accounts all over the news, then you must be in hiding. Get out of your box. Be aware that anyone and everyone is susceptible. If you haven’t started in the past, then in 2017 you need to prepare plans, backups and security blocks. Keep your accounts and programs updated and monitor directly for quickest response times. Otherwise, you are leaving the door wide open for the next Kevin Poulsen to come practice on you.

Flying Solo… Oh NO You Did Not!

Still handling your own marketing? Does the phrase “he who represents himself has a fool for a client” sound familiar? You may be a seasoned veteran at posting personal pictures on your social pages or maybe you played around with the latest website builder, but this does not make you an experienced marketer, designer and online developer. NOPE! Saving money by doing things yourself is the kiss of death for any business. You can have the best products and services in the world, but if you have an amateurish marketing plan and presence – then that is what people will see. Time and time again, some of the most intelligent business owners are still playing the Jack of All Trades hand. Maybe this is for the best in some circumstances. I would feel bad for the marketer who would has to deal with them.

Staffing A Marketing Nightmare?

Your staff could be your best friends and your worst enemies when it comes to marketing your business. This topic is becoming a major turning point in 2017. A lot of companies have been ignoring staff related issues with their online social marketing. Waiting for something to happen before you deal is not the answer. This year, get your staff more involved. Use them to your advantage. This is the trend, and a smart one too. Be proactive and let your employees know they represent and are part of your companies marketing team. Give assignments to help direct them. Make your marketing a team effort. Each staff member may not be part of the official marketing department, but essence they are your marketing team.

Did You Hear About Video?

Some of you will giggle at this one too. Unless you’re living on a deserted island, you should realize that different forms of video promotions are the next wave of marketing tools for your business. With all of the advancements and options available, including virtual reality experiences, adding video into your marketing plan is easier than ever. Static images can still do the trick, but mixing in some stock video, sharing some educational video topics or using recorded events to promote is a better step to get more attention in 2017 and the years coming. It’s also been suggested that video posts are given precedence to followers in some social feeds. Take advantage of Facebook’s real-time ‘Live’ feature, start a series of how-to’s on YouTube or begin a “Story” on Instagram. The options are easy and endless.

There’s No Free Lunch

Even the best business pages need an extra push sometimes. This is where paid promotions comes into play. Nothing new to online marketing, but paid promotions are becoming more of a necessity to stand out from the crowd in some circumstances. Whether advertising an event, sale, new product or in need of increased exposure – the top social platforms offer various ways for you promote. This includes blog ads, Google Ads and AdWords. The best part… it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Set your own budget, create an account and watch the platforms perform their magic. Running paid promotions is solely at your discretion, but it really is becoming an important part of ambitious businesses in 2017.

Now’s the time to get on top of the latest trends for 2017 and beat your competitors. Utilize these warnings and tips to turn possible mistakes into your guiding light for the coming year. Make it your most successful, and never hesitate to learn the value of an online marketer. Ádh mór a bheith in éineacht libh!

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