of Social Media

by Bill Nolan

We all want to build a healthy, strong and growing business. In life there are certain “commandments” we all set for ourselves to build strength. Religion aside, wouldn’t it make sense to apply these ideas to your business? These are fundamentals that can only help your business and business promotions enjoy heavenly success…

1- Commandments of Social Media

1. Your business shall have no other gods before your website, not even social media. Your website should be your online end-all destination. Your social media platforms, the disciples, should be used to enhance your brand and serve your website by directing potential clients there.

2. You shall not make false business idols. It’s great to follow other businesses and competitors, but remember to build your own unique brand. You’re not Coca Cola, and you do not want to be confused with your competitors. Create your own strong presence. Make a name for yourself.

3. You really shouldn’t take the name of social media platforms in vain. It’s hard sometimes with Zuck out there mucking it up, but don’t complain about these low cost answers to your marketing needs. Stay positive and make them work for you. We know there’s plenty of political rants and scandalous dramas out there, but like tv, tune it out. Connect with the channels and groups that benefit you.

4. Sabbath… this is one commandment that we’ll let you stray from and still remain holy. There is no Sabbath day in social media. The devil is in the house. You should post and interact with your accounts daily and multiple times if possible.

5. Honor your marketing director and social media manager and the job they they do for your business. As far as you’re concerned, they are the hand of god and the disciples. They dictate how your business life unfolds online.

6. Do not commit murder. Absolutely do not use your networks to destroy competitors. This will reflect on the way people see you, and backfire. Vengeance is never a good thing.

7. Do not cheat for the sake of your business. Don’t buy fake followers or use any other shady tricks to obtain a following. Essentially, this is cheating. The results will make you look shady and could possibly get you blocked.

8. Your business should not steal… most of the time. Do not make all of your posts copies and reposts from other businesses. Be original. While sharing and retweeting may be the highest form of flattery, in the end, you are constantly directing potential clients to your competitors and elsewhere. You really do need your own materials. Think blog!

9. You shall not bare false witness against your neighboring businesses. Be honest. Do not lie. Do not make your business out to be something it’s not. And, again, do not lie about competitors to build yourself up.

10. And for goodness sake do not covet your neighboring businesses either. Focus on what your goals are with social media and online marketing. Learn from others, but build a unique brand for your business and success will follow. Good marketing and social media managers surely can help with that.

Social media can be a great tool for your business, but sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems. It can be very difficult when tempted by devilish possibilities that promise quick returns. Follow the right path, and christ sake… get yourself good marketing and social media managers.