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Virtual Reality and Holographic Computing

Virtual Reality & Holographic Computing Are Reality

by Bil Nolan & Kristina Danklef

Before we take off into this new reality, let’s do a 101 on the technologies at hand. Virtual Reality (VR), sometimes referred to as immersive multimedia, shows us a virtual world which isn’t really there. VR makes us feel like we are flying through space, walking through a field and visiting places across the globe… from our living room. And simply put, Holographic Computing (holograms) creates 3 dimensional objects and forms in our real space. Both technologies make use of glasses or lenses to show you the virtual world and objects placed within our environment.

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You’ve Been Branded : Chapter 2

Personal Branding

Like it or not, you are being judged.

by Bill Nolan

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Unfortunately most people still don’t give thought to their personal brands. Most do not even understand what this really means or know how it affects their business. Reality shows personal branding must be considered in serious marketing strategies. Take examples from people like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Madonna, Elon Musk and heck, even our presidential candidates. And I’m not saying these are all great examples, but you get the picture. The affect your comments, actions and opinions have on your business may cause long-lasting benefits or possibly huge problems.

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The Everything Network

The Everything Social Network

Reality Is NOW

by Bill Nolan

What does it take to become the ONE, The Everything Network? Although most social platforms share many of the same basic functions, we are way past the days of social media being just about sharing baby and friend photos, chatting with family from a far and possibly catching a glimpse newsworthy events. The social networks are becoming behemoths vying for as many functions that will make them the ONE, the one for individuals, family and business. So what’s the ONE’s key plan for world domination?

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